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I'm Beatrice to your Dante...or maybe I'm Virgil

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Are you in a dark wood, or do you just need a little help navigating paradise?

A Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and former corporate marketing executive, I coach clients in Dallas and throughout the country facilitating their personal growth and leadership development.


After working for years in the conventional health care industry - in managed care, operational performance improvement, and pharmaceuticals - I followed my conscience upstream and away from symptom-suppression medicine to the root cause of wellness that leads to true wellbeing and optimal human potential. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, and believe you were made for better, I can be your partner in support of clarity and self-actualization.

I use a systems-based approach to get to the root cause of your unease and help you tap into your natural wisdom to thrive, not just survive. 

"The path to paradise begins in hell.”

Dante Alighieri


 Creative Director

Kelly's coaching gave me the confidence I needed to raise my rates and land better clients.


VP, Sales and Marketing

I value Kelly's strategic insights into my challenges and opportunities.

She is a valuable confidante and guide.

Kelly's Kindergarten Teacher

Kelly plays nice with the other kids...and she can really belt out Puff the Magic Dragon!

Request a Free Session to Get Acquainted

Would you like to have an informal chat to see if there's a good match between what I offer and where you want to be? Contact me today to schedule a session. Please give me some times that you are available in the next five days.

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