• Kelly Battaglia

Chatting with Nina Polo Marcellier on the Quarantine Phone Calls Podcast

Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash

In this visit, I share the work I'm doing in helping successful Gen-X women leaders reconnect in mind, body and spirit.

At-a-glance, here are some of the themes of our discussion, and where you can find them:

1:00 my book, The Lonely Leader

6:00 leadership starts with how we nourish ourselves

7:50 health coaching to modifiable lifestyle factors

10:00 excavating what you want

13:00 gratitude for and presence in difficult things - Peter Bregman says, "If you can feel everything, you can do anything."

17:52 fostering clarity in communication; change is not a straight line

27:00 Functional Medicine as a health care cost containment strategy

29:40 the non-fiction book writing process and Scribe Media

34:25 This podcast was born in Seth Godin's Akimbo Workshops community, and takes place between community members (take one of his online workshops, and join the community of smart, kind, generous people!).

Thank you for listening - I hope you enjoy the conversation. I welcome any and all feedback!

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